Four major Steps to Success

Our Resale Marketing Program offers these
affordable and flexible solutions.


    Business Valuations

    Low-cost and accurate valuations for only $995.00 - will give you invaluable insights into the business's financial health and growth potential. Knowing your market value is essential and franchise owners looking to sell often rely on our services to kickstart the selling process.


    No Long-Term Commitments

    Our resale listings offer flexible month-to-month agreements, giving you the freedom to adapt as your needs change.


    Low Success Fees

    We accept the commission you already offer to franchise brokers. Not the 10 to 12% charged by most business brokers. This means when you close a deal with us, more of the profit stays right where it belongs—in the franchisees pocket.


    Non-Exclusive, Flexible Marketing

    Enjoy absolute freedom with zero risk! If you or your franchisee find a buyer through another channel, there are no fees due to us. Explore every opportunity with no fear of overlapping commissions!



    We believe in transparency and saving you money. With our flat fees, you can save thousands of dollars and avoid any unexpected costs.

Our Service is Free to Franchisors!

Simply refer us to franchisees looking to sell.


Efficient Selling Process

We provide sellers with clear, concise education and support into the resale process while managing appraisals, negotiations, legal assistance, and resources to ensure they are successful.

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Marketing & Confidentiality

We prepare a brand-centered listing package and present your team with pre-approved buyers who are ready to start discovery. Always confidential and consistent with your brand.

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frequently asked questions

Here's a few answers
to questions we frequently get

Conducting a business valuation is an essential initial step in the decision-making process for any company. By providing owners with crucial information, the valuation empowers them to make educated choices about the future. Additionally, it establishes a shared understanding between our team and the business owner regarding the anticipated transaction value. This comprehensive assessment sets the stage for a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.
Discover the true value of your business with the expertise of the Franchise Brokers Association. Although the market remains the ultimate indicator, our extensive experience in valuing small businesses allows us to provide you with a realistic price range. Tap into our wealth of market data from reliable sources and gain valuable insights into what your business is likely to sell for.
To ensure a successful transition, it's crucial to begin planning your exit strategy as early as possible. We are delighted to coach you on how you can effectively prepare your company for sale. By starting early, you can gain valuable insights into the workings of the process, optimize valuation, and unlock other significant benefits. Let's embark on this journey together, securing a prosperous future for your business.
Protecting confidential information is essential to our business. We understand that sellers value confidentiality and we are committed to keeping their information secure. Our resale Brokers are experienced in safeguarding sensitive data from beginning to end.
Most of the time, small businesses are sold free of all debt. This means that you will be responsible for all business debts. We have strategies we can discuss with you if you don't net enough from the sale to cover the debts. Book a call here to discuss.
Franchise Brokers Association offers transparent pricing: 1) $995 valuations - with no obligation 2) Limited Service Option - Valumark is a one time charge of $2,495 3) Full Service Brokerage Option $495 monthly marketing fee. These fees are fully credited to the success fee at close. 4) 8% Success Fee (forget the typical 10-12% charged by other Business Brokers).

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